Monday, March 25, 2013

Going Forward

AAAAAnd we're back!

I have to agree with other bloggers about not apologizing about an extended break from blogging.  So I won't.

The past 2 years(!) since I've shown face on this blog many great things have happened for me and C.  Just to name a few, we built a sofa, moved to a new apartment, I received a promotion, C quit his job to pursue his art (check it out at, and we're thinking of starting a business together.

I'm hoping to resurrect this blog not just as a food blog, but as a blog for creative discovery.  C and I discuss at length between the two of us that we are inherently makers. As makers we strive to not only create, but regularly try to interject it into our ordinary life. We not only enjoy lots of cooking, but in our free time enjoy sewing, knitting, textile design, woodworking, gardening, ceramics, and stone work.  I'm not trying to toot any horn, and believe me, its not like I'm some kind of wonder woman that gets tons of stuff done to then beautifully photograph it for your instagram pleasure.  Its just we like to work with our hands and what was named above is a sampling of what we like to do in our relatively small free time.

I will still try and post recipes, its just I want to talk about the other things I do too. I'm hoping this will prod me just enough to spend more time writing even if it means doing it differently. I'm also hoping this will help hold me more accountable for the projects I start, as I have a terrible case of start-itis, and even worse the pre-project-stall-itis.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

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