Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sewing Storm

Like the thunderstorms blowing in from the South West, my desire to sew is powerful and booming. In the past 2 weeks I have sewn a pair of linen/rayon trousers, 2 t-shirts, a t-shirt dress, lounge shorts, and this dress up above, not including a few small odds and ends for work. One of the perks of working for a textile company in the R/D department is all the cool fabric I get to test out. Every single item I've sewn in the last two weeks is from fabric samples I've been evaluating. Above is a 100% poly-interlock. Normally I am a natural fabrics kind of gal, but JEEZ is this stuff dreamy feeling. The surface is smooth and the fabric is overall very light with great drape.  If it weren't for the fabric being black, I might would have had to line the dress. The fabric has claims to being wicking. I will say that it feels like poly, but I never felt hot or stifling when wearing the dress.  
This morning I drafted the dress to be as easy to put together as possible with 1 yard of fabric.  The fabric is 60" wide which makes this project so easy. I held the fabric up to my waist to figure out length, added 2 inches of ease to the front and back pieces, and cut a very basic a-line skirt (i.e. cut at an angle to the edge of the fabric at the other end). Honestly, I wish I could have done something different with the top, but c'est la vie! I had limited fabric. I pieced together the top from a strapless dress pattern from long ago. Created a "facing" for the banding around the top like you do for a t-shirt neck line and serged the edge of some fold over elastic for the straps. I used the matte side if you were curious. On the inside, I serged 1/2 elastic at the waist to pull in the dress. I used a serger for the whole project, so the initial fitting was a bit big seeing as I had all these seam allowances I wasn't using but was quickly able to adjust it.  I think it turned out pretty well for taking less than an hour from concept to conception. I wore Sunday to the farmer's market here in town and got a few compliments. 
If I could do it over again, I might would consider shortening the dress in order to have more fabric for the top half. Maybe next time. 

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